Flash Animation & Design

Make it FUNctional, stir things up

Creating interactive web content that stimulates and institutes an emotional response from your users is important in creating meaninful online experiences.

Flash is kind of like putting a big red shiney button on your site and daring people to click it. It's fun, creates excitement, and assists in displaying your content in a unique and dynamic way.

Animation is a level of design that can make or break a website. If done well, your site can be something more than just a portal of information. It becomes an experience that visitors share and keep coming back for more.

In today's environment of powerful Java Script library's and effects, flash has lost some of its flavor. But with a careful balance of functionality, ease of use and fun, flash can be a powerful tool in executing a powerful web presence.

Design Skills

Flash is complicated and cool, we use everything in our toolbelt to execute clean, effective designs.

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Common Flash Usage

We think of flash as a unique tool in delivering content. Below are some common uses for flash.

MP3 Audio • Video Players • Unique Navigation • Video Upload
Banner Ads • Product Demos • Unique Mini-Sites • Messaging