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Social media sites are the shizzle. Everyone is typing away their lives on the internet. It has become commonplace to life cast all of your activities, feelings, and desires to everyone. We all have a facebook account, wait you don’t? Some of us are twitterers and some are on both or on some other social media site with a collective of people. For some reason, people just love to tell all of their friends, and enemies what they are doing, watching, or liking at the moment.

When we think about the different ways people can find out what your up to, where you are, or how your feeling… its pretty scary. If you were asked “Would you like a stalker?” what would you say? Guess its easier nowadays to become one, but if you stop tweeting for a second and step back. Think about what your saying and how your saying it. You don’t want to air all your dirty laundry to the world.

Your creating a running dialogue of your life. An online diary of everything that is you with no lock and key. Anyone that is linked to you can access all of the information on you at any given moment. So when your having a bad day and hate your boss, wait and don’t tell the world. As part of a new generation of the internet we are given a great privilege. We are documenting millions of lives in a cloud of information in our history. So make it count! When the world burns up due to global warming, do you want some alien race, millions of years in the future to read how you ate too much taco bell and was sitting on the bowl for hours? I think not.

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